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Change whatever you want to!
Rarity : Epic (Beginning Lvl)
Hp: 2000
Defense Shattering Strike
Decelerating Impact
Rampage and Run
Possible Hybrids:
Achilloraptor (Achillobator+UtahRaptor)
Do you want the Achillobator to be added to the game.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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If you change it make your own post

I vote no because it’s silly to ask if you want anything to be added to the game.
ANY dino to be added to the game would be a yes.
Ludia decides which dinos, suggestions are completely ignored.

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You are wrong

I convinced them into adding the scutosaurus

While that is possible, and even seems likely, there have been a lot of additions to the game that were suggested/requested on the forums.

For example, Bajadasaurus (there were multiple threads requesting it), Meiolania (although this one could easily be a coincidence) and Scutosaurus.
Inostrancevia was probably requested at some point too.

Plus, a pretty long time ago, @Tuophysis suggested—multiple times actually—that Titanoboa be added to the game, and get a move called “Revenge Rampage”, to punish swappers. I even opened a thread with a similar idea, a type of passive ability that triggered when the opponent swaps, referencing @Tuophysis’ post.

Subsequently, Ludia added Titanoboa to the game, in the same update as it added On Escape Abilities, and gave it and only it the ability “On Escape Rampage”.

Funnily enough, they’ve even added Revenge moves now, and there’s even one called “Revenge Rampage”.

If this is a coincidence, it’s a pretty impressive one.


You are right

Did they say that it was because of you? I doubt that. Multiple people requested scuto.
There are tons of dinos many people requested and never happened.
Lots of dinos are just the logical choice to add, and in some cases they might add dinos with priority that many people request.
Not when 1 person requests a rare dino no one has ever heard of, so that’s why I’m saying it.

@Qaw revenge moves is a different story, that’s a game mechanic suggestion that got picked up. Nice.

So never said I cared

He is more right than you think.

The conclusion: Ludia wins.

You don’t seem like a very nice person. Also…facts don’t care either

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Well, Ardonto was a hybrid created by Ludia because of a fanart if I’m not wrong

I’ve heard heard of that before but never actually saw said fanart. Who made it?

You don’t know what an achillobator was?

You completely missed the point of their reply

Who does, I used to literally read everything about dinos from 4-11 and even now sometimes read about them. I don’t even know what that is. It sounds like a spinosaurid but looks like a raptor, similar to megaraptor which sounds like a raptor but isn’t.

Not everyone knows all 700 species by heart, so no.

The only reason I know what Achillobator is is thanks to Pokemon Uranium lmao