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Acid attack alliance recruiting

Hello, are you currently looking for an alliance which can accept any level player? Then join my alliance, acid attack.we currently only have 7 spots out of 50 filled in so there are plenty of places! We are very active and frequently put creatures in our shared sanctuaries as well as donate dino DNA ( if we have enough) so please join our alliance! Look us up!

I can join but the alliance championships Is good

Uh…none of us are in badlands yet

I am a fairly new player, but very active, lv 9 and about 1000 trophies in the 3 weeks i have been playing. the alliance i am in, I’m the only active so would be nice to be in one with at-least 1 or 2 active players.

Then you’re free to join! You’re just the person we’re looking for!

thank you for getting back to me but i have already joined a new and very active alliance.