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Acrocanthops looks nooice

Honestly, it looks gorgeous! This red colour looks awesome, congrats for the design!


The stats are pretty good as well

I don’t want to be that person that says it’s broken and way op but…


Monolometrodon would like to have a word with you


I don’t think t’s broken, sure It got crazy damage but It only has 112 speed, can be slowed and distracted. It’s still pretty good, but i wouldn’t say it’s OP

Hmm…why do you say that?

So with the only rampage in the game that has no cooldown, huge damage, high health, distraction, cunning, and not bad speed I would think that’s enough!

It’s slow and vulnerable to distraction, I think it’ll be fine

Acrocanthops rampage only does not have cooldown when it is under revenge effect. And it is not the only rampage “without cooldown”, Max and Gem also dont have CD on rampage, Erlidominus, Erlikosaurus, Erlikogamma, Erlik family, Smilodon, some raptors, etc,… All dont have cooldown on rampage :thinking: also, Acrocanthosaurus can be distracted and slowed, it wont be that much of a problem in my opinion

i think you’re thinking of delay. which most rampages don’t. but all of them save for revenge rampage have a cooldown of 1 or more

Max and gem don’t have cooldown?
Maybe it’s the terminology that I have wrong but I’ve not seen any Dino that allows for a rampage to be done once, then again straight after it’s been done without a cooldown.
What am I missing here?

According to the field guide, Erlikodominus and Acrocathops have the same cooldown on their rampages. Where did you find this 0 turn cool-down?

Edit: OK I see it… You can pop-off two Rampages before encountering the cool-down, after that, it’s there.

It’s on revenge

right in the description of the move Revenge Rampage.
“On Revenge, there is no cooldown”

Oh, you were talking about delay… Well, lots of dinos can use 2 rampages, one after another, they just wont be the same rampage move. Does Acrocanthops have a cooldown after using rampage under revenge effect? If Acro can use revenge rampage and rampage consecutively, then it is op