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Acrocanthops should have some distract resist

im not saying acrothops is unbalanced or weak, but largely coz its an interesting dino, i would like for it to be a little more versatile.
as it stands it has no distract resistance which is odd considering arctops has 100 percent and acro has cleansing strike so boths of its parts have ways to combat distraction, yet acrothops get nothing and gets absolutely ripped by distraction( also due to its low speed).
i acknowledge that other dinos are more in desperate need of balance and change, but i would like to see to a fun dino like acrothops be more prevalent (i like it just as much as alloraptor when it came out), so my suggested change would be to give it distraction resistance of either 34%, 50% or 66% (im leaning towards 50% for a fair balance imo)


Completely agreed, its the same with other creatures that have hybrid parents with full distraction immunity yet the hybrid has none (dodocevia)

Its even more unfair with acrocath because acro has a cleanse move, yet acrocath can’t cleanse distraction


Low it’s damage to 1750 and give it 75% resist :clap:t2:

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Maybe its future unique might have some distraction resistance.
They just gave lux 50%
50/50 :joy:

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Buff his speed to 118-120, arctops has 131 while acro has 103, at least faster than mammolania or mammotherium.


Coz 75percent resist is so strong, if it got it, it should have like 1550-1600 attack at most. But I prefer keeping it at 1800 and giving it a 50-60 percent distraction resist

I’d disagree because of how incredibly strong it seems to be higher up right now but after 2.9 idrk


true who knows the state of off-meta picks after 2.9

Bruh, Acrocanthops is absolutely meta in the arena. I’m pretty sure most Shores players have one on their team.


It’s likely that it’s future hybrid parathutops will have that resistance(if para lux will have hybrid with this creature)

the meta cant only include the top 1000 players ok, its different down in aviary. ive never seen an acrothops down here in like the last 3 months

Just because people don’t use it doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t good though. Although the meta can be different at different stages in progression, I’ll grant you that, but even then, if making it good in that meta makes it OP in another meta then that’s probably not a good change to be making.
I’m not saying that the change would necessarily make it OP, but it’s still important to remember that Acrocanthops isn’t the same everywhere.

im just saying i am now proponent for knocking off some attack (which i know is the reason its good up top, coz of its revenge damage potential) and giving it resistances that it should have logically. i definitely think its fair to give it 50% resist while losing around 200 attack, due to the fact it still has many flaws in its playstyle (pre 2.9 ofc, coz decel changes will likely affect it somehow)

I gave alloraptor a buff. Is it good? Alloraptor buff

this is way too op, alloraptor is much less deserving of distraction resistance than acrothops

Allo doesn’t need a buff

Yeah I’m wrong about alloraptor but I think utahsinoraptor should get a buff. I has no resistances. It should at least have some distraction resist.Utahsinoraptor