Acrocanthosaurus VIP Tournament - 6/15/2019 - 6/16/2019

VIP only tournament for the day:
Rules are Jurassic and anything else goes.

I will more than likely not be able to track this tournament as I have a bunch of RL stuff today going on. If it is like previous VIP tournaments you are looking at around 6-8 wins to solidify Dominator. Here is the thread form the last one with results for it: Metoposaurus VIP Tournament - 5/4/19


If you act quickly, two wins will put you into Dominator so that you can collect s-DNA for those of you worried about having a deep enough bench to win


True. Difficulty jumps pretty quickly after initial round.

I am not sure if this is an interesting tournament for analysis, anyway here is my result.

I got into Dominator off my first two wins, but debating how long to wait until I try again, as I assume the AFS it’s going to throw at me in there is still going to be way higher than what I currently have. Was hoping to get some of my legendaries leveled up in time for this, but they are still stuck in endless Creation Lab retries.


My data. I’ll probably do a few more once the daily missions roll over. Back to grinding on the boss

Figured this would be slow moving being VIP only, not an unlock tournament and all the other events going on but boy, it’s SUPER slow. Even still, AI is not making it easy on me, again throwing very difficult matches until I drop pretty far in Predator, but so far still hanging onto a low placement in Dominator as once I do win, that is still enough to bump me back up. Even managed to score a rare decent prize with a 500 DNA reward.

100th place for Dominator is currently 91 and 1st place is 204

In my league it is 92 and 763, which is me. 2nd is 206.

I’m just hoping I drop enough in the final hour that the AI will let me have a decent match. Most of my top dinos are level 11 or so VIPs and my top legendaries as I’ve been holding off on pushing them any higher until I have more at that level which doesn’t seem to be high enough for what the AI is looking for even in the Top 40 of Predator. The low participation level doesn’t seem to have any bearing on the AFS that it wants which is frustrating.

Maybe I pushed it a little bit too hard.

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OMG - It looks like I managed to sneak in, as much as the game was making it difficult for me. Was having some issue on my smartphone with the game server not coming up with opponents, just waiting and waiting and waiting until I finally had to just shut down the game, this happened when I tried to play again with 15 mins left, so not only lost the chance to play, but also put those dinos into cooldown. So switched to my iPad, ran one PvP just to make sure it was working (actually won a Gold Rewards pack off that!) and then had to do my last run with 5 mins left… and used a lineup of my T-Rex, with a ptero and herbivore to round it out, as I didn’t have any amphis left. And got a lineup of ALL carnivores, of course. With much higher AFS. And actually managed to pull out the win, just barely, but that puts me safely into Dominator.


Congrats to those that took home the pack in Dominator it is a nice resources bump along with some nice VIP points.


Yeah, plus I’ve been really digging these (essentially) free 50K creatures on these events. It’s nice buffer room in case Ludia ever goes nuts on us and fuses a 50K creature into a hybrid.

I’d almost certainly trade a 20K creature because I’ve got multiple Level 40’s of most of those, but I could absorb a loss to a hybrid easily anyways. 20K’s come up in the rotation way more often and cost way less to max out.

Im having myself a little party over here - nearly 4000 VIP points, woooo hooooo


Yeah, I immediately went out and got myself another 10K pack, so ended up getting two VIPs out of this win, along with a nice 1K DB in the pack.