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Acrocanthosaurus VIP Tournament - 9/25/2020 - 9/28/2020

I figured I might as well create this since it will be created anyways, but also because I’m not exactly sure what this tournament is. I did some minor research and it appears to be a bracketed tournament?

I think you mean a VIP tournament, not a bracketed tournament.

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It’s a VIP exclusive tournament for a chance to win this pack -

Just checked it looks to be a no rules tournament

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Nice, at level 40 he’s a boss…not very useful at level 10…but at least I’ll have one. I understand typically you don’t get an unlock for a tourney creature…but sometimes I just wonder… it’s a lot of effort for a single dino that can’t be unlocked. Been a while since the last VIP tournament, so that at least is good.

It’s been about a month since the Tusoteuthis VIP tournament, which is average for VIP tournaments.

Speaking of Tusoteuthis, it’s tournament required about 1033 trophies. Plotosaurus and Pterodaustro both required just over 960 trophies.

In what seems like another world, Acrocanthosaurus required a paltry 105 trophies last time out (6/10/2019) for a one-day trophy

Fun fact, Acrocanthosaurus was the subject of the first VIP tournament back in December 2018.


Has there ever been a VIP rules tournament? That would seem odd to have one on top of it already being VIP-exclusive.

I don’t remember one and the spreadsheet doesn’t show one

No pretty sure there hasn’t been one as long as we’ve been playing, just wasn’t sure about before that.

Oh ok so it’s just a normal tournament but you don’t need as much trophies to get the Acro?

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Typically the trophy count is lower, but we won’t know for sure until it happens.

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One of the better level 40 models IMO:


New acrocanthosarus tournament vip?

Yes, I’m glad as I dont have a single copy of him.

Level 40 design looks good it’s not as OTT as the others

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The end of the community event is near. I’m afraid this will be another one that we will not complete. :pensive:


Going to be close, that’s for sure

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We have to make 200,000 more PvPs in six hours. I think it is not going to be very close.
Or are you planing to start a personal challenge now? @Andy_wan_kenobi can finish 100,000 fights in six hours.:hourglass_flowing_sand:


I did an extra 5-6 each day above my normal PvP, bums me out, at least we will get to collect the DB.

What doesn’t make sense to me is the low volume. We were averaging about 350,000 a day, if folks are doing just the three battles from their daily missions that means only 116,666 people would have needed to do this. It always makes me wonder how many people are actually playing this game. I know some folks do a lot more and some folks do less than the 3. Again this is assuming the numbers are tracking correctly and that all of the different PvP is counting I have been doing a lot of the Cenozoic only PvP which is new and maybe the coding doesn’t take that one into account, I hope it does but there is no way to tell if what you are doing is contributing to the challenge.

Ludia it would be cool to add a tracker to these events and have rewards based off them similar to the boss events. For instance if someone completes say 5 PvP events they get the first buck reward, 10 for the second, 15 for the third, 20 for the forth, and then when the community succeeds the pack. That way it forces folks to participate all the way through to get the unlocked prizes, right now anyone that did one PvP event will get the same rewards as someone that did much much more. Food for thought.


It certainly reflects what s lot of us keep saying about why Ludia seems to really be looking for cost efficient game updates… there really aren’t a big number of active players.


Won’t, unfortunately

Evenin’, ladies and gentlemen… :coffee:

That has got to be the first time that I got the first spot of Dominator in the beginning run :laughing: