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Acrocantosaurs in the commercial port?

Has anyone been able to catch, or even see, acrocantosaurus at the trading port?
I am vip, so I have 3 personalized exchanges and in vip points exchanges I already got 3 procerato, besides some little relevant, as I received the procerato, I imagine it must have acrocanto, can anyone confirm this for me?

It is the only vip of carnivores that is missing for me. ; _

Have I seen it before? Yes, but it is very rare. Doing DNA for Jurassic trades in the custom trades might get it to you faster if you have a lot of DNA on hand to burn through.

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It depends on the ‘’ a lot ‘’ for you, currently I take 40k a week and spend it all on indominus and koolasauro.
Depending on how much I need, I can even save xD

I personally have never seen any of the 50K rare VIPs in the TH other than the Procerato. That one seems to pop up fairly often. I’d expect you’d have to do quite a few custom trades to find one as well. The ones I’ve gotten have been via the lottery and/or VIP tournaments.

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If I am doing DNA for Jurassic creatures I like to have 70-80k on hand, not a requirement but that is generally where I like to start the VIP offers when you get them will be between 12k-19k DNA per trade.

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They definitely are worthwhile to try if you are willing to take a bit of risk on maybe not getting something you want, as they seem to have a decent chance at offering a VIP creature. Got an Apatosaurus on my last one.

What types of VIP creatures do you see when you do custom trades for DNA? How often?

There are a couple listed off in this thread, around post 750 I think.