Acronym for Alliances

Hi! My name is Marcos Willian (ApexMenmaw #3056).

I would like to raise the question of the username in the game.

Here in Americas, we have ideas to take the game scene to a more professional side and I believe that in many parts of the world everyone is doing the same.

In this process, broken and new alliances are created! And in the midst of it all, name changes occur frequently.

It would be interesting an option to mark the alliance abbreviation with 3 or 4 letters as we see in many games.

It would be interesting because that way we wouldn’t be forced to change the account name and we wouldn’t be stuck with name changes restrictions because with the acronym mechanism in alliances it would not be necessary to change the username for identification.

Has anyone else been facing this obstacle in the alliances and tournaments created between them?

Please consider the question if possible, it is very important to us and however small it may seem, it would make it much easier to organize the groups.