Acrovenator idea



op definition is here :skull_and_crossbones:


This is… WAY too OP to be in JWA. (Then again, it can’t even be in JWA because a hybrid of two hybrids isn’t going to happen anytime soon.) It seems neat as a concept, but it needs to be tuned down a bit. Remove the Counter, lower or completely get rid of Distraction Resistance, lower it’s speed to 113 or something like that. Give it a revenge move and more Fierce in it, as it’s more cunning than fierce.

Edit: Took me a couple seconds longer than I would like to admit to realize the purpose of this post might’ve been to create an OP dino lol

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First hybrid + hybrid cannot happen
Second 1700 + full counter is absolutely insane and should be nerfed
3rd health must be divisible by 30 and 50 so u can’t have 4600 hp

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It can it just hasn’t happened yet.

Just like how it was said that non-hybrid + non-hybrid uniques can’t happen until compsocaulus came around.


Neat concept but way to op.

My version:

Components: Acrocanthops & Diplovenator
Class: Cunning-Fierce | Rarity: Unique
Basic Stats:
Health: 4050 Damage: 1450 Speed: 112 Crit Chance: 20% Armor: 0%

Cunning Strike
Revenge Distracting Impact
Revenge Fierce Impact
Group Cunning Rampage

Defense Shattering Counter


Stun: 67%
Damage reduction: 25%
Swap prevention: 75%
DoT: 34%
Taunt: 100%


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good idea this one is interesting and terrifying

it’s just only an ideas don’t be serious

What do you mean