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Action shots. Post your action shots


Here are some pretty good action shots. I am having fun finding some cool action shots which is a shout out to the graphics in the game.


I’m not able to win against the bots I might as well have some fun with them. :crazy_face:


when you step on a Lego.



I give you the utah hippie, peace and love my friend :v:t3:


This is a Nice one good shot!!!


I have a few more good ones…Say Aahhhh

Orphiomatic immunity instead of Diplomatic immunity…see what I did there :thinking::crazy_face:


Really fierce!!

Awwww that sweet melody!!


These shots are of my Dinos on the internet cold side of the battle taking damage. Not to worry…they are all on and stronger for it now :grinning:


raptor spitting some rimes

super sayan einiasuchus