Activating a new incubator crashes game

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Bug Description: activating a new incubator crashes the game. You know it will happen because once you active an incubator of any duration the time goes to 5 hours 40 minutes then the app will crash.

Area is was found in: battle tab/incubator tab

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- go to set an incubator
Step 2 - see the 5 hour 40 minutes
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: numerous times a day but not every time.

What type of device are you using: iPhone

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

I’ll provide a screenshot when I can. I’ve been trying to capture one for a while now.

It happened this morning to me. I had the app completely closed out and launched fresh to start for the day. I went to set a new incubator and it crashed after showing that time of 5:40:00

I believe sometimes it is avoided if you open your incubator before setting a new one. But it’s hard to know considering it doesn’t always crash. However it crashes often.

This didn’t start happening until 1.11 update. Since then I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game as well as powered my phone on and off and I’ve been on/off WiFi. It’s just a new bug since the update with the various others such as opening a strike tower incubator and getting al those icons and messed up screen until relaunch.


This happens to me a lot also, but I have no idea what causes it. Always felt random to me. IPhone 6 problems I guess :roll_eyes:


Well @Dankysaurus I guess we are low on the priority list like the game freezing at 17 and the crazy icons after opening strike tower incubators.

Happens to me after I activate a new one, as soon as I attempt to open the one that just finished… boom, app crashes.

Sometimes I can’t activate a new one until after I’ve collected the completed one. So much for trying to strategize if you need to hold 1.

Still unable to get a screenshot. Every time I try there’s a delay and I just get that black screen.

Trying to screenshot this is borderline as frustrating as the glitch itself.

I have an iPhone 11 and the game sometimes shuts down completely when I activate an incubator.

When I had the iPhoneX it never crashed/shutdown while I was activating an incubator,.

Yeah shows the messed up time then crashes to the phones honescreen. A complete relaunch. Although it does active the incubator.

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Something similar happens to me too. Not just when activating an incubator but when going to the battle tab. I see weird timer times for a split second and then the app crashes. Today I saw 1hc on the ones that could be opened and it crashed.
I think I saw 05:30:00 as a time on a 3hr incubator.

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Caught a crash in the act!

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I can confirm that activating new incubators STILL crashes my game. I see the 5 hour 40 minute thing and it crashes.

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So sometimes you have to be smarter than the game. Thanks to Apple screen recording I was able to capture this! @Ned @John

Yes this is after the 1.12 update. This has happened numerous times. Almost every incubator activation. Completely fresh launch or just reopening the app.

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Hey Phil, have you reached out to our support team here at They would be glad to take a closer look at this and investigate.

Normally they tell me it’s my fault or not their issue. That’s why I write support here. I thought forum support worked with overall game support then relay bugs and things? If that’s not the case they shouldn’t have support on the forum but instead an automatic reply with what you said. That way you support guys wouldn’t be bothered.

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Haven’t had this since the update, yet, but what you see is exactly what I had too.
The screenshot I posted is slightly different, and I could make it because the game didn’t exit that time.

Yeah I’ve never seen that one before. I always get the same thing.

It gets reported but writing in allows our team to grab additional information from your game account.


Copy, thank you sir. I will write in. I appreciate your help.

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It happened to me yesterday after the update , the game closed after I activated an incubator , never happened before .

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This happens to me very often on iPhone X and it’s super annoying. Some days the game crashes after every battle.

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