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Active Alliance for Beginners?

I just Started playing for a week, looking for an Active Alliance that likes to teach active beginners.

Any Suggestion on what type of Alliance a Beginner should join?

I think join an alliance with 35-43 players

Well I might be interested in recruiting you @BIBI, however I must ask. How much do you play. For example: Do you play for an hour+ a day?

Hi @BIBI ,

we´re looking for active players!
Please contact me on discord → THXonline#2183

Yes I do play 2-3 hour a day

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I joined a alliance with 48 players
but not sure if they are active

Ok. You are welcome to join JWA Paleontology at anytime. We offer the following rewards: Rank 10 alliance mission rewards, Rank 7 maybe even 8 alliance championship rewards, several level 20 sanctuary’s, active raiding team, superb donating members.

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Thanks, I have sent request

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I accepted.

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