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Active alliance for party of 3 in time zone GMT+6 to +10

There are a party of 3 of us, looking for an active alliance that can take in the three of us. We are chiefly looking for an alliance in a similar timezone so we can go on raids together. I’m also looking for an alliance that is active in completing their alliance missions and daily battles.

My account is at 4900+ trophies. The other two are at 2000+ trophies. We are all active players but have been carrying most of our alliance with our activity. Looking for an alliance where it won’t have to be that difficult.

Let me know if you have a place for us.

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Hello and welcome to the forums! Here is one you might be interested in:

Not in it but thought I’d help @Jurassic_Fury promote it

Your account seems to meet the right criteria


Still looking for a new alliance?

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We are a federation with 200 members, 4 alliances together, so we have players in all different time zones

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