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Active Alliance Looking to Add New Members

GreasyVelociraptors is looking to add some new members. We consistently hit 10/8 weekly mission rewards.

Discord chat available for players who are chatty or would like a place to coordinate raid efforts.

We’re looking for friendly and ACTIVE players who PVP battle and maintain their trophy count (2000+) and can commit to getting their 10 kills in the tournament each week. We do fairly well and want to strengthen our team with battle heavy players.

If interested you can message me here or on discord Lisa#5044 if you have any questions.

Hello I just sent a request to join your alliance

Heyo! Just send a request to join! :+1:t3:

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how many members?

I got a level 16 pachy!

48 currently

We have a couple openings to fill! If interested reach out. Thanks!

Still have a few spots open!

2 spots left! You may message me here or reach out on discord if interested Lisa#5044