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Active alliance pls?

Hi guys, just got kicked from one alliance (without warning nor reason), I play daily, lvl 20, 4600trophies. Thats pretty unfair bcuz I havent even opened my lvl 5 Incubator and my diplo is in different Sanctuary so I cant even get dna from it:-)))))) Is there any way to get this incubator now? If u miss 1 spot for active mmeber, pls messege me:)

DinoSpawns will gladly take you

Your incubator is lost…sorry…kicked without a reason seems strange…in our alliance some people also think they get kicked without a reason…but always their are more then one reason

wow, really? I just lost it? It seems rwally unfair

Whats the average rank of mission incubs in the alliance?

No Sanctuary is owned. You can always visit your Diplo by finding it in your Dino List.

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Well I just got infromed that it happened bcuz I dodnt respond to discord xdx

Right now we hang around rank 4. I have some players that need to go but it’s hard to decipher who’s active and who isn’t

I’ve had this alliance since April. I’d love to go to rank 5 just need more active players

That’s one of the main reasons you get removed in our alliance also

I’m a leader and haven’t kicked anyone because they haven’t responded to an at everyone, but can say it is super frustrating to not hear from someone that was tagged.