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Active Alliance recruiting ACTIVE players

Hello, I’m the leader of ‘The Grown Ups’ and we have some spaces up for grabs!

A few weeks ago I was only a member and only half our alliance was active. We were hitting 3/3 or 4/3 on alliance missions and has no tactics. I have now taken over leadership, and with a clear out of inactives, swapping for very active players and after introducing discord… we hit 5/4 last week and on track to this week. Do you think you could help us do better? If so, we want you! We’ve improved so much with just a couple of actives joining. I’d love to see how well we do with a few more

By joining our Alliance we would expect you to join discord too.

Hopefully, with some more active people, we can hit 5/5 in the near future. We have a good bunch and a good laugh! If anyone has any questions, just ask! I myself, am Level 19 and 4500 trophies, and I’m not the highest in the alliance.

We understand that low trophy/level players does not necessarily mean inactive. Although to better your chances of being accepted, level 10 or higher is our guideline rule.

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Let me kno wen there ava an I’ll put my 2 cents in lol

Tried last time but was full

I know I remember you!! Unfortunately they responded on the last shout out so didn’t end up getting booted. What’s your player name? Send a request, I’ll be able to get you in either today or tomorrow morning

Yes maam, antcarly

Probably a dumb question, but what do you mean by discord?

It’s not dumb, haha! I have never used it until we set one up for our alliance. Putting it simply it’s an app you download, where you can create a gamer chatroom so you can all talk as a group, (which is what we use it for) it’s Alot better than the chat in game as you can share screenshots, you don’t have a character limit on messages, Alot less glitchy than the in game chat. It’s what we use for communication :slight_smile: lots of other perks too.


Hi chonie939 I’m looking to find a new alliance so if you still have some openings I’d be interested. I’m currently at 4600 trophies and I’m an active player every day.

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Awesome! We would love to have you! Please put in a request to ‘The Grown Ups’. And let me know your player name, if different to your name on here so I can accept you!

Hi sorry I’ve been accepted in to another alliance prior to your reply but thank you for your response, I’ll keep your alliance in mind if things don’t work out where I currently am.

All the best

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No worries! If you change your mind, drop me a message :slight_smile: We Currently have 3 player up for swapping due to not contributing enough, so we have a couple of spaces waiting to be filled, and more than likely more come next week once I’ve reviewed everyone’s activity :slight_smile:

Hi there Chonie.

My girlfriend and I are new but active, 18+ and looking for an active allaince. Do you have open space for two?

I will do many thanks :wink:

I am a new but very active player, reached lv11/1905 in 3 weeks. I want to leave a less active one and join yours. Can you let me in? N13446

Hi Chonie!
If you’ll have vacant spots, i’d gladly join your alliance. Currently i’m lvl 16 at 3800 trophies, most of the time i reach daily caps, open dbi, do the daily missions and towers. Also up to some friendlies too and i’m not afraid to donate arena exclusive DNA either :smile:

Thank you!