Active Alliance Recruiting New Members

Earlier today six of our Alliance Members left the Alliance without explanation. We finished Level 4 Exploration and Level 4 Defense last week and we currently have 8 Level 5 Sanctuaries operating: If you are an active player looking to join a friendly International Alliance, we are Pounce Global.

How about this:
SUPER active, very nice and warm helpful alliance in desperate need for a couple more members!
We are generally a “5/4” alliance, but lately not everyone in the game is as motivated and we came a couple of hours short. Some people left, some were inactive and removed, hence the player drop, and that’s why we need YOU to come and join us and make it warm and cuddly again!
Join now and have a great time! Player levels are all over the place, from 2000 trophies to 5400, with the top 20 over 4000.

If any of you dares to be in the same alliance with me and BigK up here, feel free to poke any of our top players for an invite. Pounce Global is the name and many of us have been around since day 1.


Deleted reply. Thought I was replying to a private email.

Yours truly, Don. ( BigKinR)

Just using marketing speak to spice things up a bit in order to attract the youngsters :wink: So far it’s not really working :frowning:

How do me , my wife and my son join ?
We are all pretty active .

When you are on the game. Do an Alliance search for Pounce Global and you should see an option such “ ask to join” or “request an invite”. Read this: When you start typing our Alliance name, after you hit the “space” after Pounce you will get a distracting POP UP — just keep typing Global. The pop up says something like “ an Alliance name can not end in a blank space”. Hope this helps.

Thanks , I’m guessing that because we haven’t left our current alliance that we don’t have the option .

Ok we’ve left our alliance and requested to join .

And we are in !
Thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome! Still a few spots available if anyone is interested.

Can my boyfriend and I join? Screen names Qiew and Aplier1.

Thanks for letting me join. My friend Raven452 should have applied as well. She was the engine in our last alliance.

Currently, we have 3 open spots in our Alliance. We would be happy to have you join.

Thank you. We’ve sent in the request.

Hi, my username is LareemLar, I’m as active as possible, and I know flashy, any way I can join? I already requested

Just requested. Very active. Play everyday.