Active alliance required

I’m active everyday have nearly 4400 trophies fed up of being in an alliance with no ambition or commitment this comes from being overly active in other games and knowing what can be achieved as a team. Let me know if you are recruiting!!

Many thanks

JWA Suriname.
Strategical, helpful, flexible. Keywords to 5/4 alliance JWA Suriname. We believe in helping each other and work together as a team. Joining our Messenger group is obligatory; we have different channels for CHAT an UPDATES.
We give rewards to top contributors on difficult and/or crucial missions: full bar on any request. Lower level players (L10+) get extra encouragement and support.
Send me a PM with username and suffix (#0000) if you’re interested. We have 1 spot now.

Come check out “Thesaurus” :smile: we hit 4/4 most weeks & we’re all active & friendly

Hiya, on Facebook there is a page dedicated to finding you a good alliance. Have a search for it. Its called Jurassic World Aluve Alliances. Some awesome 5/4 alliances looking for recruits.