Active alliance search

Active alliance search, i’m tired of having to fill the missions alone… if possible french… or i adapt myself… level 13
Recherche alliance active, j’en ai marre de devoir combler les missions seule… si possible francophone… ou je m’adapte… niveau 13

Hello Nane, I’m recruiting for JWA Suriname. Not french (but next to French Guiana in South America). We will have some free spots next week. We look for players who are active in arena (daily incubator) and outside: darting, direct hits. Of course they also do the strikes. We are 5/4 now for a couple of weeks in a row.
If you’re interested, please tell me if you’re the player we are looking for, what team you have and how many trophies.
My name is Petra Versol, you can find me on facebook under that name and send a pb if you like.