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Active alliance searching for members


We from “Internationaldinos” are searching dor active members to strenghten our squad.

We currently reach rank 5 on exploration around 60/70% and aim this to become 100%. On defense we reach rank 4 all the time.

We also have a lot of aviary players always willig to help members that need advice on their dino team or other aspects.

The only requirement we have is that you are active and join our discord.

If interested send me a PM.
Hope to see you soon :grin:


After the alliance missions end we will kick the inactives and have around 10 spots to fill.

We also reached our only mission holding us back in the rare dna for rank 5 this week and with the old strike system being put back into place this will most likely not be an issue for us in the future anymore.

Al if interested in joining an active alliance that is working hard to complete the missions, with a lot of aviary players always willing to give advice and an alliance that has an friendly alliance tournament on a regilar basis. Then please send me a PM.