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Active alliance seeking new members!

Following a clear out of inactives & some management restructuring, Paleontological Society are looking for some new active members to join our alliance.

We are a fairly relaxed alliance, usually hit 8/7 or 8/8 in the weekly missions & are tier 7 in the current tournament.

Our key requirements are:

• minimum participation of 10 creature takedowns in the alliance tournaments

• abide by sanctuary rules (we are in a co-op with other alliances, so members are expected to refrain from adding dinos into the high level sanctuaries).
• we know that everyone has a life, but if you know that you will be offline for a period of time, we ask members to let us know otherwise they will be removed for inactivity

• all new members will be asked to join the discord as it makes communication much easier than the ingame chat. We are an international alliance, but English is the main language used.

We regularly review members activity based on the above and any members who do not stick to with the above are removed to make space for new, active members!

Spaces still available :slightly_smiling_face:

We have two spaces available at the moment!

what do you get for tourny

Are there still spaces? I’m active every day. Co leader of Limitless but my alliance is dying due to lack of structure and respect for rules. I’m always number one when it comes to getting the required ten Dinos for tourneys.