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Active and competitive player looking for a new alliance


I am a level 20 player , 4500-4700 trophies.
My main team has dinos in 21-25 level
Very active in alliance missions but looking for a more competitive alliance where I can battle in regular basis and participate in tournaments. mine is actually a very nice one but I am kind of hardcore.
I usually donate a lot because i hunt a lot.
I hope I can join a good level alliance ( English and Spanish spoken)

Thanks !!


hello. come and join my discord professorkp#9556


Top Dinos, we would love to have you! We are very active but we are a new alliance . I’m the leader . We would love to have you!



If you haven’t found a permanent home the land down under would be happy to accept you. If I’m too late best of luck with whichever you choose.


Take a look at “Lords of Jurassic World” and if you’re interested then msg me. Btw last week our alliance missions score was 5-4.