Active and passionate player looking for alliance

Hi guys,

I m an active daily player seeking for a friendly alliance. More precisely, I m looking for people willing to raid each day and contribute in alliance shares.
I live in Canada so I m interested in north american alliances.
I m almost lvl 16 and do my best to help fellows and discuss in the alliance chat.

If you want to contact me and check my profile: ReptilianPixie21#0404

youre welcome to join us bro " Legendary Knights" we do all raids and we are starting a new alliance.

JWAeh 2 is everything you’re looking for! All active, North America based, lots of raids! All we ask is you apply through discord JWAeh? . Super friendly helpful team and 3 level 20 sanctuaries!

@Phil Timmy what is it is looking

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JWA Global

Coolboys Inc is an International alliance but a handful, including myself, are based out of Canada. If you’re interested in joining, add me on Discord (buckmee#9925)

What we offer:
8-10 on weeklies
8-9 on monthly tourneys
All apexes cleared in house
Friendly discord with strategies, coin links, and all that good dtuff!