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Active Battlers Wanted

Raptor hunters is Recruiting!

We are a 10/10 Alliance searching for 1, possibly 2, active battler!

We can offer you 3, yes 3- L20 Sanctuaries!
Must join our discord server and battle at LEAST 15 battles a day.
Let me know if your interested.

Looking for an active and friendly Alliance?

We are Raptor Hunters!!

We can offer you:

1.) 10/10 Alliance Rewards
2.) 3- L20 Sanctuaries, of course :wink:
3.) Rank 9 Tournament rewards
4.) We strive to achieve victory for every Alliance family member in ALL raids, including Mortem Rex!
5.) Advice, tips, update info, free cash links and strategies to help EVERYONE succeed!

We require from you:

1.) Discord use - we are very active on discord
2.) No one ever places a dino in our Shared Sanctuaries!
3.) We ask everyone for at least 15 battles a day. This includes any combination of strike towers, Arena battles, friendlies, raids and tournaments!
4.) Must get at least 10 takedowns EVERY weekend! Of course, 1000 pts. would be GREAT! :wink:
5.) Minimum of 4500 trophies preferred.

If Raptor Hunters sounds like a great HOME for you, I would be happy to speak to you! Please contact me on discord at: cakemom13#2854. :smiley: