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Active but relaxed alliance, looking for regular players who prefer fewer rules

Hi, my first post here!
If you’re looking for an alliance that doesn’t have a long list of rules and mandatory aspects, we may be the right fit for you! We’re looking for regular players who want to enjoy the parts of the game they find fulfilling, and contribute however best suits them. Perhaps you work at weekends and can’t always do the 10 tournament takedowns most alliances demand, or you’re not a fan of Discord and don’t want to feel obliged to chat on there.
Our only real rule is to be active, we currently remove inactive members after 5 days offline. All contributions are welcome, whether you prefer to raid, battle or dart. We may mention the tournament but participation isn’t mandatory, just enter if you can.
We currently achieve 8/7 on weekly alliance missions, and are an international alliance spanning most continents. Overall we want to keep the game fun, rather than feeling like a responsibility. If you feel we’d be a good fit for your playstyle let me know, we’d love to welcome you.


Do send me a message if you have any questions, we’re a friendly and enthusiastic bunch :slight_smile:

More spaces have opened up this weekend, looking forward to anyone who plays regularly but doesn’t want to be tied down to rules, Discord and mandatory takedowns

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We may have a few slots open this weekend, please send me a message if you have any questions. After feedback from members we’re trialling a (non mandatory) Telegram chat to help with raids, and we’re getting close to 9/8 on alliance rewards! Enjoy the parts of the game you find fulfilling, contribute in the ways you find fun, and help us get good alliance rewards with no pressure :slight_smile:

Wondering if you still have spots open? I didn’t see the Alliance name to search.

More spaces available this weekend, send me a message if you have any questions! We’re on track to get 8/8 this week, but getting close to 9/8, last month we achieved Rank 5 on the Tournament but with several new active players joining recently we’re hoping this month to get much higher. Tournament participation encouraged, but not mandatory, just be active and enjoy contributing however suits you best

Hi! My alliance is sadly inactive and I am a fairly daily active player. One of my teammates and I are looking to join a new active, but chill alliance. Are you still accepting members? I have discord and can message you there if you would like.


Hi Bear, you just described our alliance :slight_smile:
Join us at ‘Jurassic Dominion’

Hi, do you still have spots open? I’d like to join you!
I’m currently in a guild with only 2 players, lmao.

have sent you a private message :slight_smile:

2 slots currently available. Looking for keen players who enjoy playing the game most days, but don’t want the commitment of a long list of rules.
Tournament takedowns preferred but not mandatory.
We have a Telegram chat for sharing raid strategies, links and information, but again not mandatory.
All we ask is that you contribute in the parts of the game you prefer, and help us chase our current target of 8/8 on the weekly missions. We remove inactive members after around 5 days offline.
We are CasualNerds, please do send me a message if you apply with your in game name so I know who to approve!

Are you a CasualNerd?

Do you love the game, but find a long list of rules and mandatory aspects a chore?

Do you prefer one part of the game to another, and would rather focus on what you enjoy?

Send me a message and see if our growing alliance could be a great fit for your playstyle :slight_smile:


Spaces available!
If you’re currently feeling like the only one contributing in your alliance, send a message and see if we’ll be a good fit! Or perhaps your current alliance is becoming a bit rule heavy, and you’d rather play in the ways you enjoy without the pressure.
We achieve 8/8 most weeks, and with a few more active members this may be 9/8! Tournament participation is encouraged, and we have a non mandatory Telegram chat to help with raid strategies. Inactive members are removed after around 5 days.
If you think you too are a CasualNerd, and you enjoying playing the game daily without too many rules, we may be the alliance for you!

I have requested to join the alliance with the username galaxy raptor, and I feel like this is the perfect alliance for me.

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9/8 achieved in last week’s alliance missions, and doing better and better each week! We are currently recruiting regular players who enjoy the game, contribute most days, but feel stifled by too many rules.
We remove inactive players after around 5 days, and we would prefer players who attempt the tournament, to work towards higher rewards for the team.
Send me a message if you think we’ll be a good fit, we’d love to hear from you

I have 2 who would like to join. Do you still have openings?

Hi, at the minute we’re full, but I can certainly let you know if we have more space soon!

Hi, we may have 2 spaces opening today, send me a PM if interested!

We’ve achieved 9/8 yet again and are looking very close to rank 10 on exploration!

Last week we achieved 10/8 thanks to the amazing darting of several of our new members, and we managed to finally defeat Mortem Rex together as an alliance!
We’re a friendly bunch of active players who don’t need a lot of strict rules and guidance to enjoy the game. We have a Telegram chat to help with raids, which isn’t mandatory but is quite useful to share graphics and discuss strategies. We hope all members participate in the tournament, and inactive/non contributing members are removed regularly, but apart from that focus on the parts of the game you find more fun. It shouldn’t be a chore!
If you enjoy the game more with less rules, and are motivated to work towards alliance rewards, we may be a good fit for you! Send me a PM if you have any questions :slight_smile: