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Active but relaxed alliance, looking for regular players who prefer fewer rules

Hi, my first post here!
If you’re looking for an alliance that doesn’t have a long list of rules and mandatory aspects, we may be the right fit for you! We’re looking for regular players who want to enjoy the parts of the game they find fulfilling, and contribute however best suits them. Perhaps you work at weekends and can’t always do the 10 tournament takedowns most alliances demand, or you’re not a fan of Discord and don’t want to feel obliged to chat on there.
Our only real rule is to be active, we currently remove inactive members after 7 days offline. All contributions are welcome, whether you prefer to raid, battle or dart. We may mention the tournament but participation isn’t mandatory, just enter if you can.
We currently achieve 8/7 on weekly alliance missions, and are an international alliance spanning most continents. Overall we want to keep the game fun, rather than feeling like a responsibility. If you feel we’d be a good fit for your playstyle let me know, we’d love to welcome you.

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Do send me a message if you have any questions, we’re a friendly and enthusiastic bunch :slight_smile:

More spaces have opened up this weekend, looking forward to anyone who plays regularly but doesn’t want to be tied down to rules, Discord and mandatory takedowns