Active Clan Looking for Active Players

Lost Legion (UK / US / International)
On track to make tier 9 alliance championship
raiders ( no mortem )

** You **
Over 16 yrs old
plays and battles daily
10 Kills in tournament
uses chat
3000+ trophy

msg me directly if you are interested with your in-game username and #.

You can also friend me at FrumptiousBaker#7774
Also you can friend me at d’scord : givaflames@3385


Is discord necessarily needed?

i’m in aviary

Discord is optional.

could i join? I connect 3 times a day, I am active in tournaments and in more alliance incubators. I reply to the username “AlierProLite”

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You are the person we are looking for. Please send an request and we’ll accept. Thank you and welcome mate.

I send it to your user in the game? What should I do?

You can friend me on my in-game user above, and I will send you an alliance invite whenever the game comes back (it’s down right now)

My name in the game is “AlierProLite”

The game /server is up now. Please go into the game and find your username. There is a four digit number after your username, Please send it to me in private or friend my above in game at FrumptiousBaker#7774.

I already sent you a request for friendship for the game :grin:

great. I sent you an invite

Thanks everyone. We do not have any space left. Check back on Monday to see if we have any new spots.

I missed it by 10 minutes. I’m one of the most active people in my alliance, but I’m looking for a more active alliance. I’m in the Pacific time zone and I’m on multiple times throughout the day. I’m highly active with weekend tourneys and raids, and I always get my daily challenges. I use the in-game chat, but I don’t use Discord. I was at 4600 trophies but with the new redesign of 2.0 I got knocked back down to 4456.

We have two open positions on Monday 8/24/2020. We are looking for people for especially enjoys fair tournament battles. You must also like to dart with gigacent, do 10 kills in tournament and do you daily arena battles. message me with the information above.

Current score and most proud of our three top 100 performers last tournament for their dedication and teamwork. Join us, let’s go do this…one spot remaining.

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8/31/2020 We have one spot open for a very active player who likes to battle and want a tier 9 reward that we will get after this weekend.


message me private if interested, or givaflames#3385 discord

Thanks for your interest everyone, but we have selected one and have no spots remaining for this tournament.

I wanted to apply to get into your alliance if you get a free spot.
I started playing a month ago but I’m already 2584 in the Lockdown League, level13 and have 16-19 hybrids.
I’m very active, hunting for DNA, doing alliance missions, doing PVP in the arena and helping out the alliance with donations.
I’d love to join your alliance if possible.

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The new season is upon us, and on Monday we have two spots open as members have decided to take a break from the game. Join us, we would like to help you grow with the game and have fun as well.

We made tier 9, and we want to continue that streak, and also we recently have a team that can beat Mortem if you are interested.

Message me privately on the forum or givaflames#3385 on discord.


I am in every day player and looking for in a very active alliance. Unfortunately, my alliance has petered out and it has become very frustrating.

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