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Active Clan Looking for Active Players

I have sent you a private message, Donald. Thank you very much for your interest.

We have one opening (9/20/2020) and accepting applications for someone who enjoys battles in skilled tourneys and arena. Ping me privately or in discord. Currently, rank 51 in the tournament leaderboard.

we are currently full. Please check back on Monday. Thanks for the great applicants.

new spot opening due to unforeseen circumstances. TOP 100 alliance looking for people to do tournament, battles and raids and get geminititan this week.

we no longer have a spot open. Thanks everyone, check back every Mondays in case there are openings.

We have two spots opening on Monday for the new season. Please private message me if interested. Thanks.

We no longer have any openings. Thanks all!

We have one opening on Monday as 10.11.2020. Looking for helpful team player.

I’m active daily participate in tournaments with an average of 2k points each week unless its double points then more. Current arena is 5700 something tankedxd#8017.

Hi All, We are closed. Thanks everyone. Please check back next Monday.

We have one opening Monday 10/26/2020. Looking for an active helpful team player.

I want in lol

I’m active, joined others, but no one helps or at least the stronger members stick to themselves. Don’t like that, but I’m very active everyday… check me out

Hi Chris,

I have sent you a private message, and looking forward to chatting with you.

Thank you very much for your interest.

I’m not very good with this chatting Lydia site thing, but I’m always on app/ game playing. It’s there a way u can check me out in the game. 4000+ trophies/tourney. I participate in raid, tourneys, missions, darts, and only want to beat the best, become great, I don’t have a unique Dino yet

Trying to get help, but a lot of players that are further along in the game make me feel like I’m a nobody and don’t help. So, just trying to have fun, kick some butt, and get better

I would need to know your in-game name and number.

Chrisv420# 0409

we no longer have an opening. Thanks.

If anyone is interested it’s possible to do indoraptor raid with two level 20 legendaries. Hope it helps.