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Active Clan Looking for Active Players

We have one spot open for the new season, looking for a helpful person (11/5). Please ping me privately.

This spot has been filled. Thanks!

A spot opened due to unforeseen event for one member

We are currently looking for a helpful person (11/9). Please ping me privately.
givaflames#3385 on dscord

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This spot has been filled. Thanks! Please check back on Mondays.

We have a spot opening up (11/16). Ping me privately if you are interested. Looking for someone who’s helpful.

@HarmlessPanda I’m interested in joining, I have a 3361 current trophy count with a high score of 3451, I am as active as possible and raid as much as possible too, I contribute to other players and the most I can in raids, I have 5 current legendaries and am currently working on a sixth, please play me know if there’s a spot still open and if you would consider me, I also would like to see the current alliance info if I can alliance name, number of lvl 20 sanctuary, if you have any tournament progress, and average alliance rewards.

We are closed for the moment, please check back on Mondays.

We have a spot opening for 4000+ trophy level active player. Looking forward to help you reach your game potential.

Hey Panda, not at 4000 yet, (close to 3500) but I’ll get there! Keep me posted plz,


Thanks all, we are closed for now.

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I am at 3750+ trophies now, can I join

I am pretty happy that we did Tier 9 again :). Thanks to our dedicated team for your contributions.
We have an open spot for someone helpful looking for a fresh start. Must be 16 yr or older and active player preferable above 4000 trophy.

Hey panda, no offense but I don’t want to join, but would be interested in doing raids with you and your alliance, I have the skoono hybrid so I can help, also got a good amount of legendaries, if you want to do raids tommorow let me know.


We have room for anyone who wants a tier 8 this coming reward, and over 18+ years old, who would like to help out with raids. We currently can defeat all the high-level APEX raids and would like to help you with them. We prefer that you have over 4000 trophies.

Looking for players over 18+ years old with 4000+ trophies. Bonus points if you have a pet to share on discord.

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Lost Legion has been recover and revive after a disaster mid week incident.
Now in process of trying to recall back old players and also need active players to fill some vacant spots.