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Active Dinohunter left alliance


Hey community,

I’m looking for a nice alliance to join.
Max out DNA would be sweet, but isn’t the most important thing in the world. I know we all look for the same DNA haha.
But we should be able to do all upcoming alliance quests. (If ludia doesn’t screw them up)
You don’t need to play 10+ a day, but activity is important for me.

I’m from germany and play, hunt and battle daily.
I also give away max DNA, if i have it. (Beside Utarinex DNA… i really need them myself)
I’m around 4000-4200 mark and trying my best to push this numbers.

Thanks for reading

With best regards,


I run “JP3 is the best one” alliance, recently had a clean out of non active members and have some spaces. You’re always welcome to join, fair few high level active players

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Hi i have a very active alliance with 48 members just had a clear out of 2 none active players. I have over 2000 dracorex dna to going spare we are called
Legit dino

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@TyrannosaurusLex perhaps?

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Thank you all for the feedback.
Got a very friendly invite per message.

Theard can be closed :slight_smile: