Active Guild (135k) Recruiting - Raiders of Ravenloft

Hi all,

First off, due credit to Stan from “The Guild” for the idea.

We’ve been actively trimming dead or inactive accounts from our membership ranks for awhile now catching applicants that randomly apply, but didn’t try advertising for new members.

We’re a very active guild with comparably high rankings. We’re looking for new members that are active and cool to hang out with.

Given our current makeup, we’re probably also going to have to limit new members to those with 2,000 trophies or more. As you can see from the pic, we’re a strong guild with active members and gifters.

Reply here or pm me if you’re interested. I tend to only leave 1 slot open at a time and so if we happen to be 50 at the time you check us out, it may mean I haven’t opened another slot yet. We have a few more dead accounts to get through before we’re done recruiting.

Thanks all.



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Good Luck!

Even small incremental improvements help. Add an active player, drop an inactive.

It’s a good guild, and always happy to see more active players.

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The active players in Raiders of Ravenloft could merge into “The Guild”.

Just a thought :wink:

I don’t belong to either guild. Just making an observation.

Both guilds being pleasant with each other. Raiders of Ravenloft looks as though they have quite a few inactives. “The Guild” looks extremely active. Just seems like it would be a good idea to merge.

Hi Silvermoon,

Thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate the intent, so thank you.

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t make sense as we actually have fewer than 10ish inactive/low activity accounts left and I’m not the kind of player to ditch half my mates. We’ve actually got a pretty good vibe going on inside the guild, which is nice. Gift requests are easy, people answer each other’s questions, etc.

If you’re trying to judge “inactive” by the gift counter which is a count of recent gifting activity, that yields quite a few false positives. Not everyone is into gifting while others like myself make heavy use of it. For example, the 3rd player on our current rankings has zero gifts, but he/she actually plays alot and always makes the climb in trophy ranks every time they reset and engages in chat periodically. That’s the same with many others of those with zero gifts that are quite active in playing, just not into gifting. Different players have different play styles, which is fine. Everyone’s gift requests get filled without issue regardless.

I took over as guild leader maybe a month ago and have been sorting out the dead accounts in as fair a way as possible. I took screen shots of everyone’s profiles when I started and as new members have been coming in and have looked not just at gifting totals, but also Renown progress, current trophies, highest trophies, hero levels, and comments in guild chat over the last several weeks for indications of activity.

I’m assuming the Guild isn’t crazy with openings. So merging would actually mean we would be setting adrift several dozen active members. If we were fewer in number, it wouldn’t be a bad idea and one I’ve been a part of in another game.

That said, I do like your idea SilverMoon from a different angle.

If there are dying guilds out there with a few active members looking to join a more active guild, I do have several spots I’m looking to fill where a player could come with some of their guild mates. So feel free to hit me up and we’ll see if we can work something out.


Very well put leader (cpx).

Realistically 2 good guild options for players looking, players can decide.

And if one is full at the moment, it’s good to have options.

Really curious what Ludia adds to the game as a guild wide event. Will make guild more important than, for now as long as requests are being filled, and the occasional chat happening makes a guild satisfying.

Cpx is right though, not enough room in either guild for an actual merge.

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Well put CPXZ and makes sense. I wasn’t seeing all the factors involved.

Raiders of Ravenloft is lucky to have such a wise guild leader :wink:

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Joined RoR less than a week ago. Already appreciating the increase in chats and donations from my previous guild. Thanks guys.

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Thanks for joining. I appreciate you and all the other new members of the guild. It’s always more fun to be with other active players.

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Thanks everyone who has joined recently. It’s been great to have you all in the guild.

For those still interested in joining, we still have a few dead accounts I’m looking to replace. So feel free to hit me up if you’re looking for an active guild.

  1. I love the guild name :slight_smile:
  2. your guild 120k trophy points is impressive
  3. are you still recruiting?

Yes we still have a bit of room

Unable to request join due to guild membership being 50/50 currently

Hi @SilverMoon

Yes, we still have a few spots available. It’s getting to the point where I have to be real careful about making sure an account is truly dead for awhile. So sometimes i’ve accepted someone but haven’t had a chance to confirm where the next spot is coming from. There should be a spot open now. We’re generally looking for active players around 2000 trophies or higher, but that’s more of a rough approximation rather than a hard limit.

Wow that spot filled up quick and now Raiders of Ravenloft has 124k trophy points! You guys are popular. I will be patient and keep my eye out for when there is an opening. Thanks CPXZ!

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Yeah, sorry @SilverMoon . Someone applied and was accepted. Full disclosure, I just opened my last obvious spot. There seem to be several people who’ve expressed interest in various fashion in and out of this forum. So sort of last chance to apply right now.

There are a very few accounts I’m not quite sure yet if they are inactive and so will take some further time to confirm whether they are dead or not. That might take a week or so which might open another spot or two in the future. But for now we’re getting close to the end of this guild refresh.

Thanks all for the interest in the guild.

@cpxz great job recruiting and running the guild!

Raiders of Ravenloft is definitely a fun and active guild. Good vibes for sure :slight_smile:

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Spot is open for you

Hi all,

Two spots are open in the guild. Come check us out. Feel free to pm me if you have any questions. Thanks all.