Active Guild (135k) Recruiting - Raiders of Ravenloft

Join request sent, under name of LeoLionxyz

Thanks for your interest. I’ve already accepted your application. Glad to have you joining us.

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Just updated the initial post with a current guild leaderboard pic and updated the title with current guild trophies. One spot is currently available.

Another spot opened up. Looking for players interested in joining an active guild. Requirements are in the guild description listed above. Happy to answer questions if you have any.

Yup, it’s good old CPXZ with a snazzy name that just rolls off the tongue hawking another spot in the best guild in the game … with a Ravenloft/raiding themed name:)

As always, feel free to pm me with questions. As those of you who follow updates to this thread with ever baited breath know, our guild keeps gaining in strength and popularity. Guild trophy count is now up to 135k.

So come check us out. Enter through the wall of mists, turn left at Castle Ravenloft, share a meal with the Count if you dare, and spend some time with us in a place I like to call Happy Valley, or as others like to call the Demi-Plane of Dread:)

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All I know is cpx always bests me the uncanny slug in pvp ggs

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Thanks for the shoutout. If you’re looking for a new landing spot, you know who to call.

All I know is that I’m a paper tiger. The favored noob to be chump bashed by the powers that be.

Any skillz I may have in pvp are by virtue of the awesome tips my fellow guild members give me. Imagine any of the hero getting trained up by a master scene in countless movies, but only the early part where the guy is a complete mess. That’s me:)

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Hi all, a few spots have opened. If youMre an active player looking for a new guild, come check out. Thanks all.

Thanks for the applications all. We’re full up right now, but I’ll surely post again in here when we have free spots available.