Active Guild We Are Misfits Recruiting

Hey everyone. Looking for a fun and chill place to grow your character? Check out “We Are Misfits” We accept all power levels and are all about donating and requesting, tips and tricks, and questions and answers so that we can all grow together.

We have a discord server set up and all donations are tracked through a spreadsheet that everyone has online access to so you can know exactly where you stand. If you’d like to check it out here’s the link
Tracking Spreadsheet

Feel free to reply here or PM me with any questions.


Best of luck ShoelessRob. Hope you have fun with your guild:)

What’s the minimum trophy count requirement?

We are focused more on activity than trophies. If everyone is active strength will follow.

Love the sound of the guild! I’ve been playing (daily) for about a month and have yet to find one. Discord chat sounds excellent. I think I’m at around 750 trophies, but have been up as high as 850. Just sent a join request. Thanks!

Added you to the guild. Welcome

Shameless bump

I have no shame

Another bump

Sent a request to join! Hoping to find a good active guild :slight_smile:

I didn’t hear anything from you when you were logged on in chat or see any donations after you had logged on. Apply again, especially if you’re willing to get discord and be active.

Still looking

@ShoelessRob im looking to switch to a more active guild . I am at 1.7k trophies. Playing for almost 4 months. I want an active guild so the chat and discord are not empty. Would I fit?

Sure. Our discord and chat are very active

@ShoelessRob cool! Request sent! :))

Don’t bother joining this guild. Kick you even if you’re active and with good donations.

Says our donation numbers… Cough cough

Just started playing yesterday, and can’t figure out how to get in a guild. Could you please help?

You have to be x level. I just forget what x is