Active members wanted

Welsh dinos is looking for active members level 20s are preferred but we all start from zero so we are open for all.
We are trying to build a better more active group, focusing on tournament rewards and participation.
We get 7/7 every week but always want to improve with the addition of more active players.
Raiding is a lot of fun and many players do these multiple times to help the lower level players get the incubators also
Send a request or if alliance is full get me on discord DoYouThinkHeSaurus#3358

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I have a nice alliance already but I think some others on the forum might want to join :smiley:

We are a friendly, mixed level alliance looking for some new, active players. If you are happy to take part in the tournaments, battle in the arena, and help with all the alliance missions (7/7) we would love to have you on our team.