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Active player looking for 5 / 4 Alliance

I am passionate player.
Lvl 15 with 3600-3800 trophies
Very active with tons of objectives daily.
Looking for similar alliance except grumpy, old, stiff people.
Also i am looking for funny, joking and humorous alliance to even reach 5/5 together and help each other with good vibes and useful info.
Discord/LineApp/ FB alliance page-chat is also a must for good coordination and socializing.

Otherwise i will start an alliance on my own lol.

hello. come to discord

Hello Vlad! That’s totally sounds like our alliance " Lords of Jurassic World". Message me if you’re interested.
Btw that’s our last week missions progress

Just started our own alliance and hopefully going to make it a good one, only just starting and it’s called “ Red Bull Users “
Any regular players are welcome to join

Well, i guess i will apply on your alliance. RoVlad ign

Ok I’m gonna add you

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