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Active player looking for a active team


Wondering if any team out there needs a player recruit me I play Everyday constantly


hello do you have discord/?


Hello. I like this ‘constantly’ . I could use you on my team.

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We are looking for active players. Please send requests to Specialized Hunters or friend request @ Quicksilver#6040


Killer Raptors is a great alliance @Nick_Anderson!

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Talk to @Tori_baugh. She doesn’t require a discord. Very active alliance with friendly players.


Like disco mentioned my alliance is small but filled with very friendly and generous people. Plus we just use the forums to communicate outside the game. Please consider us our alliance name is HeWasNumber1. If you decide to join us I will need to know what your name is in the game so I make sure I’m adding you n not somebody else by accident.


“Sojusz Dinozaurow” are looking for new players :slight_smile:


JurassicWorldClan is an active alliance with few open spots left


Welcome to the forums!

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Clever Beasts is currently seeking active players who do their share of donating. Already cleaned house and ready to fill half of the teams spots. You have a better shot of being accepted if you have 2000+ trophies!!!