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Active Player Needs Alliance

Hi! I’m a newbie here. Been playing alittle over a month and I am a level 10 o my way to 11 with about 2500 trophies. I have tried a few alliances who aren’t reaching over Rank 3 in the alliance missions and that is with me continuously seeing my name in those little squares lol I’d really love to be part of an active alliance to reep the rewards and continue to move forward in the game. I give DNA and keeps notes of who has given to me so I know who I am in debt to and I try to keep my debts squared :slightly_smiling_face: If you are looking for an active member and are hitting higher ranks on alliance missions, I’m your girl! Message me! Thanks!

Talk to @Tori_baugh

Have a look on Facebook. There is an alliances group.

Thank you!

You can consider" Lords of Jurassic World".

We have one open spot if you want to join BoneRaptors. Feel free. We also have our discord channel.

Greetings! Kelliance may just be the place for you. Drop me a message if you’d like to chat further about what you’re wanting out of your alliance and what we look for in our members :slight_smile: Cheers!

You can come join mine, my alliance is new and I am looking for players