Active Player Seeking Active Alliance

Like many of the posts before me, I’m in need of an alliance. My current alliance is minimally active and the new missions feature is looking pretty bleak. If you’re looking for an incredibly active lv20 who participates in tournaments and has plenty to donate, I’m your girl. Also willing to connect through discord and coordinate raids.

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Hi, I’m the leader of The Devastators. Please message me on discord titahollis #6053. We offer 4 level 20 sanctuaries/ tier 8 to tier 9/ and 9/10 weekly. We have an active and friendly discord and win all raids in house.

Hi Annie! We have a spot at CasualNerds. We’re a casual but active alliance, we get 8/8 weekly, 8/9 monthly. We ask that you do you 10 takedowns in tournament and that you’re active in the game however you like. We chat and organise raids on Telegram

Hey there :wave:t2:We are the Cosmic Raptors, top 50 alliance looking to fill one more spot

this season :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: We have 4 lvl 20 Sancs, great Discord community to raid and have fun with. Let me know if interested at all​:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Annie!

We’d love to have you on board :hugs: Our alliance is called YouBetJurassican. We’re a 10/10 alliance that hits tier 8/9 in the tournies depending on the cycle month. We are Discord based and love to raid, and we have access to 4 shared level 20 sanctuaries through our co-op.

Please look me up if you’re interested or have questions!
Moeneek02#1601 on Discord :smile: