Active player seeking East Coast US alliance

I like the alliance im in now but it seems theyre mostly from a different time leaving me unable to join any raids or invite others to join raids with me.

Are their any active alliances like that? Looking for a member?

What is your game info such as pvp team, tournament score, etc ?

im not sure if this is right but my tournament score , i think, is 84850/186400 and then next to the trophy is 1269

my max common dna is 25 per dart ( not sure if thats important) my team is

Epic Compys
epic Acrocantis
Epic Carbonymas

But honestly i change it often, i think i could be higher but its hard for me to go on raids because no one else is ever online when i am.

We would welcome you to Goose Gang2. We have a few east coast players but are primarily an international alliance. You can Dm Error#0108 on discord if you are interested.