Active player seeking fun yet active alliance

Lvl 18 (and 3/4) with ~4700 trophies looking for new alliance.
I am passionate player.
Very active with tons of objectives daily.
Looking for similar alliance except grumpy, old, stiff people and no drama.
New sanctuary feature made some people go ballistic over the game . I want to avoid that in the new alliance. Keep the game competitive within reasonable and without ruining the fun.
Also i am looking for funny, joking and humorous alliance to even reach 5/5 together and help each other with good vibes and useful info.
Discord/LineApp/ FB alliance page-chat is also a must for good coordination and socializing.

You can try out our alliance…discord check…funny people check…dedicated members check…we are trying to get to tier 5…now strand at 4. Constantly looking for good members…so feel free to join BoneRaptors

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I forgot to mention i will decide and join the new alliance on Tuesday after collecting alliance prizes.
Thank you for your interest!

Consider us. If you like what you see feel free to send us a message.

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