Active player seeking tier 5/4 alliance

I meet 1/50 of tier 5/4 alliance rewards requirements easily. Play every day. Looking for a higher level alliance where I’m not in the top 5 anymore. Have been at 5k trophies for roughly a month and just now dropped to 47xx with a really great run of unfortunate RNG.

Hi Pablo, sounds like Kelliance may be the perfect place for you! We are very active, very generous, very friendly, and very global. We always complete 5/4 for Alliance Missions and once even accomplished 5/5. It’s nice to know we can do it if we put forth the extra effort for if/when they ever change the rewards. We have presence on both Facebook (group + chat) and Discord for easier communication. I’ve created an online form for members to log their DNA Requests & Donors in order to track that activity. We don’t look at quantities, just occurrences to know people are active and participating in both aspects. We welcome players of all levels and trophy counts, as we do not carry an elitist mentality. Teamwork is important, and we’re all in this together! If this sounds good for you, please send me a DM, so we can discuss further. Cheers!

Do u speak spanish?

Yeah let’s try it out. I do not speak Spanish. Very good at French and English

Is that you who requested a join to mine, @Pablo55? I can bring you aboard but just wanted to have a quick chat first. There’s a couple things I ask of members to help keep our activity level up and rolling

Yes. What’s up?

Hey, so I just want to make sure before we proceed you’re cool with a couple things. First, we need you to join the FB Group/Chat and/or Discord channel. It’s just so much easier to communicate when need be. I don’t expect everyone to be social butterfly chatterboxes, but at least just check in to see what’s going on. Second, there’s a form I ask members to complete to report back their DNA donors. It only takes maybe a minute or less per input and provides invaluable information. It’s a google form online with a couple dropdowns and some checkboxes. Are you good with both those things?

I’m on discord that’s no issue but sorry I’m not really interested in the filling out a form everyday. Thanks anyways.

Alright, that’s your prerogative. Most people don’t mine putting in that little extra effort in return for the insurance of an active group. Should you change your mind some day, you know where to find me :slight_smile:

Hi Pablo,

If you are still interested I can create one space for you in the alliance I am leader of Jurassic Mundo Vivit.

We hit 5/4 each week, have an active alliance with a discord group that over half the alliance is part of and growing.

If your interested, you can send me your discord and I can invite you to that and if you let me know your name on JWA and ask to join I can accept you now or when your next on.

Forgot to add since the trophy adjustment and boosts we have also seen our top players drop trophy count with 3 of us hovering just above/below 5000 trophies.

30 of our players are over 3000 trophies and 15 are over/just below 4000 trophies.

Irrespective of trophy count though we have a good number of players that really help hit the rewards and with a few more great contributors we are only going to hit lvl5 more easily and start to try and get defense to lvl5 (though better rewards would give more focus to this one).

Yeah let’s give it a shot. Pablo55 is my handle. I’ll search the alliance

Cant find the alliance. Send an invite and I will.accept.

Hey Pablo if you’re still looking The Land Down Under would be happy to have you. 5/4 every week and have discord for easy chatting.

Just seen this and will send now.

Pablo I need your # four digit number o send you an invite.

If you send over now I can invite you right away.


What’s the exact name?

My # is 5142