Active players seeking alliance

Hi all,

New to this forum, myself and 3 other friends are looking for a very active alliance with experienced players who can also help. We play quite regularly everyday and help towards rewards for alliance as well as donating DNA where needed.

If anyone could help us out that would be great as an alliance with just the 4 of us is too small :sweat_smile:

Hi can you message me on discord at Daylan2003#1265 please, it’s a lot easier to talk there,I’m the leader of, "I squared R Dinos "

Should have space for all 4 of you all

MyVeryWaitJurassicfes is looking for active members! if you are interested in our alliance! we would be happy to have all 4 of you

Hi I have exact 4 spaces for you and your friends as of now

We have a group call the NorthernRaptors, just add me StinkyPanda #8642 if you want to join our alliance. Or search it on the alliances. Our icon is on our ad. Do you want to be a Northern Raptor?