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Active raid and tourney player seeking alliance

I play quite frequently, but my alliance is collapsing, and I know that its not the right fit for me.

What I can bring to you

1- An active, friendly player who will gladly raid and loves to hang.

2- 10 takedowns every tourney

3- A heavily boosted Mortem, A bulky Irritator, A big Tuo, a WIP Max (2/2/3, Brachi is a pain), and a 23 UB Gem and Thor

What I want from you

1- A solid friendly group that likes to raid

2- Decent tourney participation, my previous could easily T8 in its prime, but I’m willing to go lower for the right group

Won’t/Don’t use Discord, Whatsapp, or anything like that, I’m on the forums tho

I’ll gladly work things out for the right group, plz PM if you have details


JWA Fever is a good team that’s where I am rn they just cleansed members that didn’t do minimums so 3 empty slots very active good team that does lots of raids and has strats for every apex and consistently gets t8-t9 alliance champs the whole 10 takedowns deal and keeping up trophy count is required but that’s about it discord is not a requirement (I don’t use it) but they have one

Do they require Discord tho?

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What’s the problem with discord @th3bub14 ?

I’ve used it before, and was just an angrier, more jerky person, so I don’t want to subject anyone to that again

Ah gotcha!
Well I have to say it can get like that, but to organise raids and alliance stuff it’s a very useful thing to use.

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But yeah we don’t require it at all you should shoot JWA Fever a request

If you want @th3bub14 you can join the alliance I am in. Its sort of active some days more than others, but I’m sure I can ask the leader to let you join its DNArmy if your interested. Doesn’t require discord.

We actualy had discord only be a recomendation, now it’s actualy turned into a requiremnt cause it’s realy hard to tell people to get the 10 kills, and more importanly organise raids

So ye just wanna tell u most good alliances are gonna have discord as a requirement


Discord or f.b group for JWA is a necessary thing now…

While I know it’s hard, I did manage to make it work in my old one

Hi there. My alliance would gladly take you in. We lost a few players and are trying to start all over from them leaving. Feel free to message me back if your interested.

I can offer you 3 co op lvl 20 sanctuaries
6-9 alliance missions
Maybe tier 5-7 in tournaments