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Active themed guild looking for active players


Hey guys, looking for an active themed guild? The Flintstoners is open to active players…

We just kicked 12 people for a week of inactivity. We are looking for active players only. We keep track of activity daily. No DNA requests or donations for 7 days is auto kick to make room for new active players. This may be reduced to 5 days in the near future.

Not too worried about your trophy count. Just be active and high enough level that you can help with donations and make sure that you log in to make your daily DNA requests.

Hope to see you soon!


Auto kick for no requests or donations.

“pass” <<< see what I did there???

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Pretty relaxed requirments if you ask me. Pretty sure nobody wants a player in their alliance that cant be bothered to log in for a weeks at a time to help out their members/friends with DNA or coin.

I guess there are some that only view alliances as a chat room though. :slight_smile:

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Love the name! :smiley:

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Maybe your allience theme goes slightly against your own Ts and Cs…

Get a group of stoners together…

Then kick them out when they go to White Castle for a week…



I was gonna log in and donate some DNA but then I got…


I got kicked out of my alliance and don’t know why
Because I was… because I was…