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Activity and donation logs for the access of the alliance leaders


Dear ludia

Can there be activity and donation logs for the access of the alliance leaders? So we can decide who is to go with and dont. And a gulid dna bank should be good.



Personally I don’t think it’s a great idea! In our alliance people give when they can and many times give even if they may need it. What next! Allow alliance leaders to edit the chat. We have a thing where we announce most of the time who we are donating to and we always thank each other! Our alliance is more like a community of friends that all enjoy talking to each other! We don’t stress who donates and who does not!


I don’t like the DNA bank idea. Who controls the flow of the DNA out of it? What is going to keep the leader from taking the DNA, and running with it?


How do you get rid of people who always take and never donate even if they have tons of dna that can be donated? We have lots of them but its too hard to find them by only asking people.


Donating should be your own decision if you do it or not. You can already see which people donated to your request that should be enough, however I would like to see the activity from players, for example with the Alliance missions just at the end of the event a list of how much people contributed towards the missions.

Then its easy to see if members are active enough if you really want to go for the last rank incubator. it’s just a problem you can see people within the Alliance are inactive and do not really contribute towards the missions, but you don’t know who they are.


I agree donating should be a choice not a demand. BUT I would love to know how active they are do they contribute in friendly battles or daily incubators. Helps when you want to clean house or when trophies goes to zero