Activity of alliance members

Hey. I am the leader of the alliance and I have difficulty to check the activity of members. It would be nice if in the profile of the player could be seen when he was online last time, as in most other online games. And also, we really need more achievement, I got it all at level 10. Sorry for google translate.


I want to second this, it’s close to impossible to track close to 50 players with any accuracy. I don’t know how had the coding is, but I do know it can be done.


I’ll third this, and I’m sure most alliance leaders would be pleased as punch to have a more automated way to monitor levels of activity & contributions. Though I’ve been very clear about my expectations for my group, it’s evident there are several people who don’t seem to care and want to ride the coat tails of those who work hard. Of course, I have no solid way to prove this and don’t want to kick people on an assumption. Anyhow, I was thinking about this just now, and it wouldn’t necessarily even have to be part of the app itself. If there was a way to set up an online portal or something which the leader (or even all members) could access, that would certainly work (maybe even better than in the app itself)


The only thing we can reliably track is daily screen shots of their season scores. If it doesn’t change you know they are not battling that day. Rare cases exist where people get the same score after battling daily, but clearly that won’t happen a week straight. The only issue is, if they are flagged by Ludia. The flagged person may be active, they just can’t easily find battles because they have to do it on a separate sparsely populated server.

While I respect this thought, what’s the difference if someone did one battle? Just enough to change the count but not enough to remotely help complete the ginormous missions. Nobody else would have any way of knowing if their count changed over one battle or 100 battles. I guess I’m just saying even that doesn’t feel like it tells much of a story

The Leader being able to view the Daily Mission stats of each individual would be all that is required. Yes, donating stats would be a plus, but at least you would know if they are active or not.


This is kind of on the same subject. I think most people playing this game are pretty competitive. If you show the top 10 contributors I believe people will play more to be on that list. If you show the list with all players the admins could see whose playing and who isn’t by looking at the contributions.


I nearly kicked a few people I assumed were inactive, based on trophy count not changing.

Two of the were some of the most active during the Alliance missions, yet did very little battling.

I pretty much refuse to kick people. We desperately need leader tools.

If they don’t this update, I’m probably out.

So much broken with this game.


I wouldnt kick someone over the battle incubator, especially since I dont do arena myself…
Besides, nobody seems to even care about that task, lol.

The explorer task is a different story though. Thats the basic game stuff that you have to do in JWA anyway, and this is the important one.

Nobody cares if you log in to battle if you dont spin any drops , fire some darts and collect some DNA.

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Outside of losing a good person today because he quit the game entirely my alliance has been great. If we had tools to determine who is doing what and when it may cause even more problems. A bunch of people would be kicked out and then what. Start their own? Name themselves Nondonators? Maybe a tool that showed 0 activity, but that can be figured out with trophy resets and screen shots of teams.
We’re far from a hard core group but get to 5 and 4 every week and I’m good with that. I just want to keep a game a game that should be fun.

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I care about both explore and defense. It’s coins and cash and dna.

Yes true the dna isn’t the best but what happens when they get buffed or hybrids?

It wouldnt matter to me personally. They would have to add something like tryko or magna rewards before I will suffer through arena again. I dont even do the battle incubator for the daily quest anymore.

Of course some big changes and game balancing would have me back in the arena with a quickness, events or not. :slight_smile:

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And that is exactly the answer I’d expect from these forums

Never mind the team … It’s all about me and what I get.


I agree that some kind of alliance tools are desperately needed. Tools to track requests and donations hopefully separating rare and common, as well as all in game activity. These are already tracked and should be made available to all in the alliance so people can see where the stand compared to the rest of the group.

As far as the arena goes I have the opposite view of you. The daily incubator mission requires an entire group effort. If not for this mission alliances could easily be trimmed down to 30 people and they could still complete exploration. A few players can easily do 6000 spins in a couple days but obviously they can’t open 90 daily incubators. So if people can put in hours a day to spin hundreds of stops, dart thousands to help the alliance is it too much to ask for less active players to just open the dailys?

I’ll admit the alliance missions are by far my favourite part of the game. I am in a great alliance with a great leader. I set a goal for myself to try to be the top contributor in every exploration task every week. I know a lot of people can not be this active and that is fine. But alliance tools would help identify people who contribute little to nothing. Those people could then move to an alliance with like minded people and see what they achieve.



I can’t wait for the alliance mission incubators to change and peoples opinions on the defense incubator change :rofl::joy: going to be comedy.


Exactly. These by some unwanted dna have taught bad habbits to too many team members.

I’m upset as it stands now but I would be raging if the dna was choice or prime dino cuts

prime sino ribs.

With some BBQ pan graveyard mashed taters and onion rings… Yup

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I am 100% for adding tools for the leader to see activity levels. If someone quits playing or logs in once a day and doesn’t battle or dart they are not helping the alliance. I love the missions and the rewards. I’d love to get to rank 5 on both each week. At the moment 4000 battles for concave is not worth it, but this number will likely be adjusted and the dna switched. It is not fair for members that actively play and work to console missions to be held back by people who play casually. There are over 9000 alliances each offering something different. I do not think someone who doesn’t contribute at all should receive 500 epic dna because others put in the effort. It has to be a team effort. Just my opinion, tools would make things go smoother rather then having to guess who’s not playing anymore. Also tools should only be active to the leader of the alliance and no one else.

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As an alliance leader I agree we need tools. I think that in addition to a “last online” stat we should get a “last battled” stat and the ability to see what was donated by tapping the “i” on a donation request. I currently track with a spreadsheet and by members sending screenshots, but that’s extra work…

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