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Activity of alliance members

just like most other things with this game they are “borrowing” from clash royale… i would expect a weekly donations running total sometime soon. that’s really all you need

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Starting a Discord group or a FB group for your alliance helps TREMENDOUSLY. Those who are super active will hop on board immediately. Those less active, but still daily or semi daily will join next and your few time a week or quitters won’t join at all. It has taken very little effort to see who the 33/50 active players are. 17 were removed and we’re rebuilding from there.
An outside group helps SO MUCH! So many players aren’t in the forums, aren’t in any gamer groups and are seriously playing blind. My top 15 teammates had no idea about daily gifts from FB, metahub and the loads of info there, zones etc. Since our Discord started, so many have gotten MORE active, MORE interested and MORE excited about the game.
It’s extra work, but worth it IMO.

Now that we are in the 3rd strait week, I can tell the novelty is wearing off. It’s going a lot slower especially with darting and daily incubators. I kind of figured this would happen. I can’t keep up on this and play super hard day in and day out. We’ll all burn ourselves out.

We’re not pushing anyone. I don’t want this to turn into a second full time job. All I want for tools is the last logged on so I can see if someone quit playing to remove and replace.

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Exactly. If they put something worth playing for on defense like Irritator or Erlick I bet there will be a lot of posts looking for active members. Say an alliance have 2 days to complete rank 4 that’s 80 battles each and 40 incubators each. If you have people not even opening their daily incubator it becomes much harder as obviously they aren’t doing battles or opening enough incubators. There will be people going to more active alliances and less actives being booted. 300 or 400 Irritator is nice but 500 is nicer…:joy:

As a frequent Defense missions top contributor (I like to battle) I think it would be nice if top contributors received an additional reward - we get the same amount of coins or cash as those who don’t contribute at all. An extra incentive would encourage more members to participate and thus benefit all.

I fully agree with pp that alliance leaders need to know the activity level of individual members for missions and DNA donations.

I added some suggestions to my survey responses… and hope others did as well.


That’s why we’ve been pushing to finish both sets of missions every week. Dont make bad habits. And we will be used to it when they do switch. All these “we dont care enough about conc dna” people dont realize how much u have to grind to finish it :joy:

I’m sorry to bump this but need to recant what I said about alliance leader tools causing adverse effects. We need something, even if it a weekly query report sent to our inbox so it doesn’t involve reworking the entire program. Sooner than later would be ideal.

+1, as a leader i need to know members activity

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Yes please. :slightly_smiling_face:

This has been requested like a hundred times from a hundred diff people so far.


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I filled up my alliance quick, and want as many active players as I can. If there was a way I (a leader) could see the last time any player has played, than I could remove the lazy ones and add the many ppl I’m forced to reject. Than after a while we could have the alliance we are aiming for!


As a leader can you see the trophy donations? Just curious

That feature has been req a few times already, along with being able to promote allegiance officers. Both would be great additions to the new allegiance system.

Just be happy you can see your guild tab, here is mine…

U can see who donated to u personally regardless of if ur a leader or not

Kk, thanks!

When ur ready to collect just click the “i”. It shows who and how much they gave

Last active is a good idea. The rest of the suggestions seem to me just micromanagement. I been skimming from the bottom to take higher level players. At least Ludia allowed us to get requests even after full.

Yes. When your DNA donations are ready to collect, tap the little “i” button on right corner of the box. It should show you every member that donated, and how much.

I love that i literally just said that right above ur post and u felt like u had to say it again lol

Thank you kindly

Yeah, I saw the question up top & quickly answered it without scrolling down…