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Actual system really bugged and annoying - PLEASE READ


Hi mates,

there are currently sadly so many things that are really only frustrating…

  • somebody changes the dinosaur during the game and is immediately on it
  • the narcotics do not fulfil their purpose - because the other person is often only briefly narcotized and then directly on it is
  • the yellow arrows, which should help you in the choice of your weapons, are hugely bugged - have already lost several games because of that
  • sometimes the opponent is without any visible reason 3-4 times in a row
  • and what’s wrong between 2800 and 3200 points - you just can’t get away from it…is it just to earn more money?
    …unfortunately i have invested much too much money to stop - so please try to bring some system and fairness into the actually quite nice game
    Thank you very much and a merry christmas

MographX @lias Oliver

Translated with

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1st is swap in abilities, sorry… it’s part of the game.
2nd, creatures can nullify your moves with SS and the like.
3rd Speed system indicator - BROKEN
4th lost in translation
5th absolutely. A terrible bottleneck that was partially addressed with a 500 point spread between arenas, but still needs fixing.

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