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Actually Balancing Boosts

Boosts should go back to being 10-10-10. The cost should be 200 hard cash per boost. I realize that it is a lot but the overall cost is 2000 per max boost which is the same as original boosts. The big difference should be the boost limit. No one should be able to boost a dinosaur until level 21. Where it can be maxed to 1-1-1 and continue until level 30 where it is then able to be maxed 10-10-10. It will prevent players from boosting low level non end game dinosaurs. Since they won’t be battling boosted low level non end game dinosaurs. It also helps promote going out and darting rather than just boosting your level 21 Unique higher than someone’s level 28 unboosted dino. Obviously this will never happen but one can hope.

There’s so many things wrong with that, it’s even hard to know where to start…

First of all, the price is already stupidly high. The problem is not them being the same price as the original maxed boosts, but being too expensive for the starting tiers… Second, the change of a boost limit is one of the few good things they’ve changed in this mess. Screw that 10-10-10 BS… Third, there would be tons of superboosted higher level freaks (more than we already have) and with the advantage of being more boosted than the lower level opponents, thus making the difference even higher and more unbeatable…

So… No, thank you.


Boosts shouldnt even be usable on anything under 30… they should have added to the end game. Not the pure wallet win they have been.

As far as the high level vs low level thing… a low level should be at a statical disadvantage against a higher level period, thats exactly the way the operated before 1.7 and what Ludia claimed to have fixed with 1.10.


The only balance they want, is the one in your bank account.

Fair matches and arena balance don’t even remotely come into the equation.

Sucks for players but its great for the company.

JWA doesn’t even have players, it has “Payers” and “Non-Payers”.


They can’t unbreak something so broken.

I’d really like to use different words, but the filters would say no.

(They can’t unfrack it)

Why would they sell boosts at 200 cash if they’re selling at 2000 and some very intelligent people are still buying them?


So the price of boosts are too high in your opinion. Yet at the same time you state having a boost limit is stupid. So you want to spend on something that you can buy even more now than before boosts limit. Doesn’t make sense.
Also capping something at 10/10/10 means yea stronger players will be ahead in the beginning. But at the same time that means less stronger players can catch and equal them. So then there is no difference. So I don’t know how that makes them unbeatable.

What doesn’t make sense is what you’ve said there. I didn’t say a boost limit is stupid. Quite the opposite. We already have a limit. The limit according to the level, which I appreciate. The 10/10/10 system was bad because in the end there wouldn’t be any difference in top level creatures, just a race to see who boosts more. Sure we have this race anyway, but at least it depends more on how you spend your boosts than on how many you buy.

And about the unbeatable part, if I understood your idea correctly, we could only boost one tier in each stat for every level above 20… So, only a level 30 creature could be at 10/10/10… And a level 27 for example, could be 7/7/7 tops. How can you think that’s acceptable? The level difference alone is already a tough barrier to break, just imagine if the higher levels could also be more boosted in each stat… That would actually make things way worse for lower level teams than ever before.

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If you really want balanced boosts. The max tier of attack, HP, and speed should be 5. But personally, speed boosts are a problem. So please, just have the max tier of boosts set to 5 and make sure to have a reasonable price for each tier. Maybe start at 100 and add 150 each time?

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Max of 5 boosts per dino, or 5 boosts per category? cause the 5 per category would just get into the realm of speed ties again at lv 30.
If it’s 5 per dino, there is customization and depending on the total stat gain, boosts won’t have a huge impact on battles. Tho, i’m not quite sure how that will play out in the long run.
Speed boosts either need to go, or their influence needs to be dropped. A +1 instead of a +2 would be a start. That would prevent someone maxing out speed to be faster than every one of its counters (looking at you 140+ speed thors) and steamrolling a team.

What if instead of limiting boost give to people, limit what modes people can use boost on
Example: players can use boost in strike events and campaign but not competitively
Or limit what type of boosts can be used on dinosaurs
Example: if you use health boosts on stegosaurus you can only use health boost on the stegosaurus