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Actually getting sick of this game because

I have 3 4* dragons, 1 is full 3 star (level50) and for the past 5-6 weeks I have been doing everything I can to get the dragon I need to upgrade to 4*, I have a another which is full 2 star (level 40) and the same thing, I have just got my 3rd 4* and working upto the first star and know I will have the same issue with this, my other 2 dragons are full 3* which I am continually upgrading until I get more 4*s and I have 1 3 star which is full 2 star (level 40) which I am also waiting patiently to upgrade, I spend hours trying different breeding variations, winning eggs etc but nothing seems to help. Please rectify this frustration or give us a way to fairly upgrade or I will be quitting this game completely !!!

What is your level?
How long r u playing?

With all the respect, it seems quite like whinning. Its all about patience and RNG (=luck) :slightly_smiling_face:

Level 27.5, you call it whining I call it frustration …:grin:

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I can understand the frustration

But you are a gambler complaining that you can’t roll sevens. Odds don’t work that way, friend.

Cross your fingers and keep trying. None of us are playing any differently or with any additional luck.


If you don’t like the game… then stop playing. No one is forcing you to play it - if you aren’t having fun with it, might as well find something better to do (or another game to play)

That is the problem I do like the game but without the ability to upgrade you can’t really progress, 6 weeks trying to upgrade a dragon is taking the pi$$, spending hours breeding, winning eggs, hatching dragons to get the same dragons hundreds of times, give us a way, a challenge system or something to win the dragons we need or like so many other games before people will stop playing.
And thanks for the standard internet troll comment, you don’t like it quit … or alternatively… Make the game better and even more enjoyable :+1:

@Zah Loud words coming from a person, who even tried… ehm… analyzing this very issue. I’d say you enjoy shutting people down, though why write a guide then?

@Qu4dz1ll4 As impolite as Zah’s reply was - it does have a point. Sometimes I also wonder why do I keep going on, and taking a break is something I have recommended to people since February. Still, consider this:

  1. From what you said - at your point in the game you are already luckier than some.

  2. Don’t chase the stars, build your team from the most valuable 3stars, a ~5000 power team can do most of the game’s content.

  3. Focus on the trust events. They happen frequently now, the spirit/trust ratio has been improved and the dragons are quite decent. What’s most interesting is that the original movie dragons(Cloudjumper, Barf etc) are technically normal 5s dragons eligible for breeding and can come from breeding as well.
    My point is - you get a couple of them - you can just keep breeding them for a chance of 4-5s dragons.


I know what it’s like to be stuck at a BP quest. I’ve got most of my Rares already maxed out, so I’m not going any further until I get a few more Epic dragons levelled up too.

However with new events every week, and the standard revolving daily quests for runes, fish, coins and exp, there is still plenty to do in game.

I am noticing that what some people consider bad game design is simply the difficulty curve for a level based tile puzzle. Would you really enjoy the game any more if you were able to beat the entire thing in 3 months?

I’d recommend not get so bogged down with a single team or a single dragon you need to max out. You will limit yourself in times like this, and also down the road when your entire team of Epics is maxed out, but you still need about 200 BP to beat the current quest. Having a huge roster, even if you only use about 5-10 dragons routinely, will also give you more breeding options and places to unload maxed out fish resources.


They removed trust dragons from breeding

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Entirely? Or they simply can’t be breed for? Because the UI still shows them as possible partners like a standard dragon species would be, not some “unbreedables” like Toothless and Lightfury.

But if you go to breedery, you cant select cloudjumper


Alright, not going to misinform people about it anymore.

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Thanks for the comments, it was more what I expected from fellow enthusiast.
I have actually started to give up on getting the dragons I need to get my 4* levelled up and know I receive the same problems getting the dragons you need to Max the 3* dragons, I have 2 fully maxed and am using them daily to level up while I continue to try and get the 4* levelled.
I also do the trust events and have both the light fury’s at over 600 heart points, will hopefully get one of those.
I like the difficulty but it’s just frustrating wasting dragons to upgrade lesser dragons when I have 2 4* dragons that can go no further, 1 of the dragons can breed with a few dragons and even with the lowest no of possible outcomes (3) I always get the same 2* dragon back even when the 2 4* dragons are bread together. 6 weeks waiting and still no dragon, is frustration that is all. I use up all my lightning 2-3 day, winning eggs, breeding, doing dailys etc just seems impossible to get what u need to succeed - routinely get battles that are 5330 and at 4300 it’s almost impossible to win.
But thank you both for your constructive comments, they seem rare in this world of internet trolls, I will persuaverve

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I have similar frustrations with my Anveil (3*) and Axewing (4*). I don’t have a copy of them so I can level them up no further. Breeding doesn’t help, spending runes on breedery (in the name of getting either of both dragons as an offspring) or on drafts (to get Axewing’s double or a new premium dragon) doesn’t help. And some times you have the duplicates but not the scales. That is frustrating too. Though not as much, I guess.

I’m on level 25 myself.

P.S. It’s persevere, not what you wrote.

@Featherwing You dont have to spend runes on the breedery. If you let the time go for the full breeding time will tend to give you a better success rate sometimes.

When I use a dragon that’s in my battle team and cannot wait, I use runes then. But I usually breed them when I am out of energy, if possible, so that I can wait with no problems. I don’t buy runes though. Thus, I am careful as to how I spend them.

Did that info come from Zah’s haruspicy?