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Actually useful battle chat

“Sorry, my game disconnected”
“Sorry, my buttons disappeared”
“Sorry, I got the pink screen”
“Sorry, I got a text message”

Feel free to add…


“sorry, not sorry”


“Haw Haw!”


or “Sorry, did I just kill your crutch?” for when ever you kill someones dracoceRAT, super boosted thordor, super boosted tryko, super boosted proceRAThoMIMEus or indoraptor gen 2


Maybe ‘Hohoho’ or ‘Merry Christmas’ for the time of christmas.


i also kind of want some more emotes than just the 4 we already have. because if we look at the image for the semi-daily link from like 3 days ago we barely even have half of those emotes

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“Sorry, darn telemarketers”

“Oops! What was I thinking?”

“Sorry, match-maker goofed again”


How about: “Oh you are so special” or “Wow, you are such a talented player” so I can send that to someone that brings out the OP dino of the week like Indo G2 right now.

Honestly, I would like to be able to turn them off altogether.

I keep getting people like ChrisCrowne from JWA SG that repeatedly spam the yawning emote if I take more than 2 seconds to choose my move because he had a Indo G2 out. Its ridiculous…all that does is prompt me to then take all of my allotted time, each time.

At the very end of that battle, I got a “good luck” as thought they were going win…but they lost anyway.

Maybe Chris is a good guy, I just think its rude to spam people to hurry up that are actually playing and not just letting the time run down.

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To start with, it’s not possible to have actually useful battle chat.

You have to laugh at the fact that this childish and pointless aspect was introduced, and especially when they can’t get the alliance chat to work.

I’m at a loss as to what they thought this pointless addition would add to matchmaking, but I suppose if it raises a smile for the odd person who enjoys this kind of thing it’s ok. However as the post above says, it’s far more likely to upset people than make them smile.


Sorry for your luck
Sorry that you got owned
Did it hurt? It looked like it did


“Ain’t seen nothing yet”

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How about…

“Blame Lydia!”
“Anyway shut up for a second!” For those who spam emotes lol


“Nom Nom Nom”. Specific to battles where people still bring out the Rat ofc.

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How about a nice good old fashioned middle finger just for the cheap opponents? You know for the ones that lack strategy and always use the same two dinos throughout the battle. Just keep switching in and out. I think it would be perfect.

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Just send Well Played, they get the sarcasm and know you think their strategy is a joke lol

Yeah but I want to not beat around the bush. I want to be straightforward and forthcoming. Lol

Imagine if they had live chat where you can send your own words lol, you would whoop someone In a match and 3 weeks later would randomly receive a vulgar message xD

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Lol that would be funny as hell

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I want “have fun”, so I can greet opponents politely without wishing them good luck. Feel free to get destroyed by hax and lose.

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Can get “oh… Another crit…” “annnnnd another…” cos atm i seem to be getting absolutely slapped by crits regardless of their %
Or even a “Ahhh i see you’re P2W” lol cos my lorrddd the boosts are mental :rofl: i wouldn’t mind if i was at top tier but to get team wiped by a Velociraptor cos its got a pounce of 4k when my max hp dino is only at 2.9k is the most frustrating thing :rofl:

One of my recent tournament battles disconnected and wasn’t able to get back in for quite a while. When I finally did, my turtle was still battling. Lol :rofl::turtle:

I won the battle by some miracle, but I felt so bad for my opponent and wished I had a “I’m sorry” button.